Yesterday a group I belong to called Mostly Opera performed a concert. It went very well dispite the fact that we never had a real tech rehearsal and our curtain stopped working. We flew by the seat of our costumes and it was a lot of fun.
I sang “Stride La Vampa” from Il Trovatore. It is a Verdi Opera and Verdi writes wonderfully for my voice type. So it is always a pleasure to sing his music.

The scenes we preformed were from Turandot, Manon, Carmen and La Traviata. They were wonderfully costumed and staged by Helene Tinsley with our Musical director Linda Houck.

In a few weeks I have a concert with a group called Ekumen Choral. We sing Eastern Orthodox Litergy in Russian or Ukrainian Church Slavonic. It is all sung a-capella since the orthodox church doesn’t allow instrumentation.