today I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed.  I also had some extra skin, sort of fibroid tumors removed because I bite them in my sleep and it hurts and because they can become something not so benign.

Let me tell you, wisdom teeth out is one thing.  Impacted wisdom teeth is a whole other animal.  ….. on the bright side I am not sitting here with one side of my face drooping, so there was no nerve damage.

I am lucky, I have government healthcare.  If I did not, I would have had to let the teeth rot out of my mouth,  I would have endured pain and possible damage to my heart.   I don’t understand why corporate America is not on the single payer band wagon.  It would save them money, save doctors and hospitals law suits.  It is a win win solution.

We need someone to take on the healthcare issue like Gore did Global climate change.  I am one of the people who believe the president’s healthcare legislation should be ash canned.  I think it does more harm than good and stand in the way of real reform in the future.  Mandates would have been fine if there were a public option to chose from.  But Obama did back room  deals and took the public option off the table in exchange for getting a free pass from the heath care industry.

The man has no political passion beyond the fierce urgency of his own ego.