I am tired, my jaw hurts where the doctor yanked a impacted wisdom tooth.  I am glad it is out and I am glad I have the use of all the nerves in my face.  But it hurts and I can’t be outside building my new garden with it’s retaining wall.  So I will write and the thing I will write about is how the world has changed and how you lose your bearings as you get older.

I never thought I would be one of those people who got old and progress passed them by.  You know, the ones who always say, “we never used to do it that way”.   I thought only a certain kind of person got annoyed at “new fangled contraptions” like answering machines and  personal computers.  But suddenly I find that about 5 years ago, technology passed me by.  I have no idea how to hook up and use all the new fangled internet contraptions.

Yup, the wireless connection to my lap top works somehow and I can get on line.  But that is as far as this old girl is going.  Ask a 12 year old boy if you want to know more than that.  I am no longer a fairly decent self taught IT person.  I am quickly joining the ranks of people who think the world needs to slow down.